Monster Rush

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Monster Rush is the strongest? Collect balls on your way through obstacles with your new monster friend. Catch and collect enough monster collections. Get your monsters ready for battle. Unleash the power of monsters, build a powerful army, and upgrade to become a monster legend. Build a fighting force and compete with other trainers in the game.

Rush toward the arena to fight monsters, collect Monster Balls to capture Monsters, and build a team. Raise their power to Train and Evolve Monsters and fight against monster trainers in fighting games.

Team up and take down rival trainers in a team battle monster game. Collect Monster Balls while running through obstacles with your new monster friends. Catch and collect all battle monsters. Get ready for a monster-fighting game!

Catch them all!

Unleash the power of your pocket monster, build your battle team, and power up to become a legendary monster! Collect and evolve monsters to take down your opponents in this monster-fighting game. Choose your monster, Build a strong team, and get ready for a monster battle!

Legendary Monsters!

Build your fighting force and face other Monster trainers in the fighting game. Become a real trainer and complete the challenges in the monster fighting game. Capture monsters, power up, and evolve them to build a strong team and conquer monster fighting games!

Game features:

  • Rushing towards the Battle Arena
  • Collect monster balls
  • Catching monsters
  • Monster evolution
  • Build a strong team
  • Compete in monster battle

How to play Monster Rush

Run to the monster battle arena, collect Monster balls to catch monsters, and build a team.

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